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Candles with a Conscience


Established in 2014, East Neuk Candle Co. are a Fife-based mother/daughter team focused on producing luxury artisan candles with a conscience.

Hand-poured in the East Neuk of Fife, all East Neuk Candle Co. candles and wax melts are made with eco-friendly rapeseed wax, are vegan-friendly and cruelty free. The rapeseed wax is produced from the oil of the harvested plant sustainably sourced from British and European suppliers where there are no issues of intensive farming or GMO presence maintaining as low a carbon footprint as possible. Creating products that are eco-conscious, efficient and green is incredibly important to East Neuk Candle Co., which is why the vast majority of our packaging is 100% recyclable.

East Neuk Candle Co. draws inspiration from the unique landscape of the area by blending fragrances with essential oils to create unique scent experiences in their candles. Whether that may be the aroma of the salty sea air juxtaposed with the sweet-smelling grass and shrubbery of the coastline; woodland walks further inland on a harvest evening; or simply sat round a smoky open fire with a dram in a traditional tavern, seeking shelter from the harsh North Sea winds. East Neuk Candle Co. aims to evoke and conjure reminiscences from past experiences in the East Neuk, or perhaps inspire strangers to make the journey and create their own memories.


Our History


"What started off as homemade Christmas gifts for family and friends turned into a wee business venture when a family member’s boss asked to see her Christmas candle that she had mentioned receiving. From that day on – and many thanks to her boss who offered to sell our candles in her shop - East Neuk Candle Co. became established, in 2014.

It is very important to us to produce a product that is as environmentally friendly as possible. Our candles and wax melts are made with

eco-friendly rapeseed wax

produced using British and European grown rapeseed. We use

recycled packaging for our container

candles and recycled plastic for our wax melts.

Through word of mouth our artisan candles have become popular

and we are so chuffed to now have stockists around the East Neuk and Dundee.

We have ventured into a bespoke candles service since making wedding favours for oor Stephanie’s wedding.

East Neuk Candle Co. have had lots of positive feedback from customers nationwide and as far as Hong Kong and Dubai through our Facebook and Instagram pages, many enquiring about a website (thank you all!), that we made

the decision to take the next step and produce this

website and online shop.

Thank you to all our customers and future customers too for making this happen!"

Karen & Stephanie


Karen Hodge           BA Hons Fine Art

Stephanie Muir       BA Hons Fashion Design

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